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Ms. Ong was appointed as the Executive Director on 14 January 2005. She is one (1) of the founder members of VRSB. Presently, she manages our Machine Software section and is responsible for all our machine software development projects. She contributes actively in R&D activities undertaken by us under the leadership of the CTO. Other than that, Ms Ong participates in the formulation and implementation of R&D strategies. She graduated from University of Malaya with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Computer Science in 1999.

Ms Ong started her career in the semiconductor industry in 1999 as a Software Engineer in STISB, a subsidiary of ASTI, specializing in machine software development, and later as a Section Head of Machine Software.

Ms Ong resigned from STISB on 15 November 2002 after which she and the rest of the promoters formed VRSB where she assumed the post of Section Head of Machine Software Development and subsequently Machine Software Department Manager. Her specialization in the software development and experience during her career has been recognized by the industry.

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