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The Universal Gang Pick (UGP)

UGP (Universal Gang Pick) is an object transferring mechanism developed by VisDynamics Research Sdn Bhd. It is able to transfer all objects placed in a row or a column regardless of the spacing between the objects and the number of objects, at one go by means of negative pressure or vacuum.

The UGP is currently incorporated in the vision inspection system on a model of tray based semiconductor devices tape-and-reel and inspection machine (model T6 EVO) developed by VisDynamics Research Sdn Bhd.

During the event of executing vision inspection of semiconductor devices which are placed inside the pockets of a tray (where the pockets are arranged in a matrix), the UGP will vacuum up the entire row or column of devices from the tray at a time using a negative pressure or vacuum and then transfer the devices to the vision inspection system for vision inspection. After the vision inspection, the UGP will put the inspected devices back to the tray and repeat the entire process until all the devices are being inspected.

The results of the vision inspection will be processed by another pick and place mechanism on the same machine in such a way that the fail devices are being rejected to the different tray or location so that the rejected devices will not mix with the good devices.

The UGP in a tray based semiconductor devices tape-and-reel and inspection machine

Due to a variety of sizes of semiconductor devices, the devices carrying tray is often designed with different matrix of tray pockets. With different pocket matrix, the number of devices and the spacing between the devices vary. Although the number of devices and spacing between them are different, UGP is still able to transfer them for the vision inspection without having to change any configuration mechanically and manually. This capability is highly cost effective since it saves the time and tooling change when converting from one device to another of different size.

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